Things to Do to Help Barghouti

The Simplest Thing to do is to Click on These Links and

Post on Facebook and Twitter and Send to Your Email Contacts

Gandhi Peace Award Winner Arrested

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) Statement (March 22)

Promoting Enduring Peace stands Behind Barghouti  (March 25)

We Need Your Help (March 26)

Barghouti’s Statement (April 1)

[Video] 1,000 Jewish and other Activists Applaud Barghouti at Jewish Voice for Peace Conference (April 3)

Haidar Eid in Gaza, reporting on the Campaign Against Barghouti

Details  Set for Gandhi Peace Award – press release (April 6)


Sign and Share This Online Petition

Drop the Charges, Allow Barghouti to Receive the Gandhi Peace Award

Share This Carlos Latuff Cartoon

And,as Omar Barghouti Asks Us, Personally Take Part in BDS

The Link to the BDS Movement in Palestine