Things to Do and Demand about Syria

drop food not bombs2

There’s no excuse for sitting on your hands as the forces of tyranny and fanaticism wipe out Syrians.  There are things to do.  They’re based on the demands that sieges be broken, that arms be cut off to all fascist/reactionary forces and that humanitarian groups in Syria be supported.

Here’s a list from the Syrian Solidarity Committee

and here’s more:

Call for airdrops of food and supplies by the United Nations and failing that by “Western” nations.  CODEPINK and PEP did that in a letter the New York Times published in January.  It’s probable that hungry Syrians can watch U.S. planes as they fly over besieged Syrian areas on their way to bomb ISIS.
Write about the situation in the Palestinian refugee camps as much as we can.  There is a real lack of material on that.  A couple of months ago there were reports that ISIS took over most of Yarmouk.  What’s happening now?