Syria Appeal December 2016

Open Letter – Appeal to Break the Sieges in Syria

Syria is undergoing the worst warfare on the planet. We must not stand by and watch the triumph of a dictatorship whose very heart is torture and war crimes. We believe the key to eventual peace is to stop the sieges of over one million Syrians. We call for these measures:

Airdrop food and supplies to all besieged areas. If the U.N. won’t do it the U.S. should lead the way.

Call for all forces to allow civilians to leave besieged areas if they wish without fear of detention or conscription or to remain in their homes.

Encourage local ceasefires without using these to create more forced displacement.

Release all political prisoners and account for all those who died in detention.


Signed by: Dr. Alice Rothchild, Ali Al Ahmed, Institute for Gulf Affairs, Khalil Bendib, political cartoonist, and The Rev. David W. Good, Minister Emeritus, The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Adam Hochschild, author, Mongi Dhaouadi, Senior Program Officer at the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Reza Mansoor, President Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, 1st Vice-chair of the board Hartford Seminary, Bishop John Selders, Pastor-Amistad Church, Hartford, Bill Fletcher, Jr., former President of TransAfrica Forum, Rav Shmuly Yanklowitz, Arizona , Phillip Weiss, Co-editor,, Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation (UK), Stanley Heller, Promoting Enduring Peace, David Turpin Jr., Antiwar Committee in Solidarity with the Struggle for Self Determination, Dr. Abraham Weizfeld, Ph.D., Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, Dr. Colleen Keyes, Dean, Zaytuna College, Humayun Kabeer, Member, BOD, Islamic Council of New England, Chief Many Hearts, Dr. Lynn Malerba, Mohegan Tribe, Diana Nelsen, London, UK

Institutions listed for identification only