Slogans for Signs for Korea Teach-In

Freeze for a Freeze

Honor the Nuclear Weapon Ban

Trump, Kim: A First Strike is Out of the Question

Let All Koreans Communicate Freely – No Censorship

Don’t Threaten, De-escalate  

Truth and Reconciliation

CyberWar is War – End it

Expand the Olympics Truce

Shove War Off the Table

230,000 Americans are in Korea – Keep Them Safe

Threats and Bluster Can Explode

Nuclear Winter Effects Know No Borders

Would You Clean Up Radiation After a War?

Let Koreans Decide – No Outside Bullying

Let Koreans Speak – No Censorship, No Minders

Mutual Dialogue, not Millions Dead

Don’t Think a Korean War Will Just Stay in Korea

No War in Korea.  Help Puerto Rico Instead.

#KoreaPeace   #ExpandOlympicTruce

or bring your own sign