PEP Directors

PEP Directors and Staff



Board of Directors

President – Paul L. Hodel

Vice President – Frances Frazier Elliott

Secretary – Kim Stoner, PhD

Treasurer – James C. van Pelt

Director –  Kate Frazier

Board of Directors

Paul L. Hodel, President – (2006-present) is PEP’s longest- serving Board member (1976-present). He is the former founding director of the Peace & Justice Center in New Haven. His is active in the Society of Friends (Quakers) and its peace activities. A graduate of the Yale Divinity School and a former member of its alumni board, Paul lives in New Haven with his wife Pat Wallace, a senior administrator in the city’s government. Together and separately they have attended hundreds of peace marches, demonstrations, and related events. Paul teaches on peace and nonviolence topics at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven.

frances frazierFrances Frazier Elliott – Vice-President, Frances Frazier carries a lifelong vision of justice and equality for all the world’s people. The values of family, education as empowerment and community connection/ action run strong in her background. She first came to PEP through her father Howard Frazier, the Executive Director from 1978 until his death in 1997, who during the Cold War made the U.S.S.R. accessible to many people through sponsoring Peace Cruises where open discussions, inquiry and friendships were encouraged . Frances has been in the arena of education and community activism for most of her adult life, and now teaches Citizenship and ESL classes to adult students in California. She has been a member of the board of Promoting Enduring Peace for six years.


James Clement van Pelt, Treasurer – helped revitalize PEPeace starting in 2005. He has been an active PEP member and volunteer since 1989, assisting in PEP’s Gandhi Peace Award program and PEP’s support of humanitarian programs such as medical aid to Ukraine and the Japan Peace Boat, among others, and represented PEP at the World Solidarity Congress in Cuba (1994). He has authored or coauthored various books and articles, including Peace Heroes: The Gandhi Peace Awards and Venceremos Brigade (Simon & Schuster), and has co-founded several alternative institutions including the Miccosukee Land Cooperative, the Connecticut Folk Festival and Green Expo, and the Center for Participant Education at Florida State University. He has provided technology assistance to a variety of Connecticut progressive and charitable groups and public institutions, and his technologist positions have included Senior Technology Advisor for Connecticut school districts; Director of Advanced Solutions for Dun & Bradstreet; and personal technology consultant to American Express and other corporations and non-profits. He holds a BA from Duke University and a Master of Arts in Religion (magna cum laude) from the Yale Divinity School, where he co-founded Yale’s Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology and was Research Fellow from 2003 to 2005 and an Instructor/Lecturer from 2005 to 2008. He has been a seminar leader and conference organizer at Yale’s Center for International and Area Studies and has organized five international conferences at Yale since the 2008 conference “Ending the Cold War Against Cuba”.


kim stonerKim Stoner, Secretary – is an associate scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, where her current research is on bees. She has worked with organic farmers throughout her career, and she was a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (CT NOFA) for over twenty years, serving as secretary, vice-president, and representative to the NOFA Interstate Council. She also co-founded the NOFA Organic Land Care Program, and was the lead author of the first edition of the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care, the first organic standards for organic landscaping anywhere in the world. She is actively involved in the New Haven Friends Meeting (Quakers), where she served as clerk from 2010 to 2013. She also coordinated one of the first events of in New Haven in October of 2009, where hundreds of people spelled out “350” on the New Haven Green. She received a B.S. in zoology from Duke University and a Ph.D. in entomology from Cornell.


 Kate Frazier, Director (2005-Present)



Administrator: Stanley Heller

Consultant: Chris Zurcher