PEP and the Revive the Peace Movement Network

Back in 2003 hundreds of thousands, even millions came out in anti-war protests.  The demonstrations were unsuccessful in stopping Bush’s “Shock and Awe” invasion, but the anti-war movement seemed to be a permanent powerful fixture.  The New York Times even referred to the movement as “the other superpower”.  That has crumbled.  Obama, Syria, the Great Recession, Global Warming.  They split us.  They gave us new priorities.  But with the world wracked by wars, with fascism and strongmen rising seemingly everywhere we have to get things going again and soon.

Promoting Enduring Peace is one of the initial groups that pressed for a new network to figure out what to say and what to do.

We’ve been talking about this quietly for about six months and have had physical meetings since March.

RPM has an impressive list of initial endorsers, groups and individuals.  Please steer groups our way.  Please get on the RPM mailing list by sending RPM and email.