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Sunday Afternoon February 11, Teach-In and Rally about Korea

New Haven Friends Meeting House  (lower level)

225 East Grand Ave  New Haven

3-5 p.m.

“Expand the Truce, No War in Korea”

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New: Archive of Articles about Korea

Slogans for Signs at our Indoor Rally


No Korean War

RPM Statement on Korea


Videos of 7/25 Rally for Aqsa, Gaza and the Right to Advocate BDS

No New Fracked Gas Plant in Bridgeport (flyer)

A New Feature

PEP Talks – Enjoy Some Peace Today

a series of short, positive videos

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2017 Gandhi Peace Award

Ralph Nader – Omar Barghouti

nader and barghouti

Sunday, April 23

Senator Chris Murphy Rebukes BDS Supporters

Tell Trump, No U.S. Weapons for Saudis

Voices” to start Week Long Fast, April 10

Here’s How to Phone Congress and Leave a Message….It’s Easy

Joseph Daher Speaks about Palestine and Syria in the Coming Period

Promoting Enduring Peace in Photographs


Help with our Projects and Campaigns

Here’s how to send money for Legal Defense at Standing Rock

It’s Not Too Late – Airdrops of Food to Syria Now!

Our Piece in the Influential DC Journal “The Hill”

Our Message to CT Senator Murphy


A Basic Understanding of the Warfare in Syria December 2016

Our Opinion Piece the New Haven Register 12/8/16

Hundreds March in Hartford 12/3


Videos Hartford Rally for a Survivable Climate

Support the Protectors at Standing Rock

Close Bank Accounts that invest in DAPL


Take your Money Out and take a selfie


video of Christian Parenti’s climate talk

“Hot Violent and Unequal”

and video at the Mark Shafer lecture of Phoebe Chatfield, Mary Tomasetti, Mark Colville


Senate Refuses to Knock Down Saudi Arms Sale

make a stand

Video of New Haven Solidarity Action 9/7  

Things to Do and Demand about Syria

 PEP Administrator Forum Article in the New Haven Register – 

End the sieges, protect the Syrian people

New York Governor Attacks Free Speech

Demands State Treat BDS Supporters as Pariahs (NY Times Report)


Cuomo Will be Defied by Supporters of Justice


Revive the Peace Movement Network

Promoting Enduring Peace and RPM

 Peace on Earth

Peace with Earth 

Help Us Fund our Campaign to End the War Against the Yemeni People

Sign Petition “Sen. Murphy is Right: No More U.S. Weapons to Saudi Arabia”



“His Name Honors the Award” – Rev. Daniel Berrigan

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gandhi1 - Copy gandhi peace award ceremoney 2015

Video of Gandhi Peace Award 2015

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Newest Climate Warnings from McKibben and Hansen…summarized simply