NY Governor Orders Divestment from BDS Justice Movement


Unable to get a measure against BDS through the legislature New York governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order forcing the state government to sell off stock in companies or organizations that respect the Palestinian call for measures taken to pressure Israel to respect Palestinian human and national rights.

A list will be set up of companies state officials think are participating in a boycott of Israel and the state of New York will then “divest money and assets” from those companies.  A company has the right to appeal and “present evidence” that it does not participate in the boycott.  Is it conceivable that Cuomo’s underlings will require companies to BUY Israeli products to prove they don’t participate in the boycott?

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#BDS #NYGovCuomo What’s wrong with using non-violent BDS against assassination, torture, land theft, skunk, other Israeli govt outrages?

#BDS #NYGovCuomo How much does NY invest in Israeli apartheid? How much in Israeli bonds and stocks? Is there nothing to invest in NY?

#BDS #NYGovCuomo How does a company prove it is not boycotting?  Does it have to buy Israeli goods? How much?

#BDS #NYGovCuomo You should read over the facts at www.bdsmovement.net  It might shock even  you

#BDS #NYGovCuomo You ordered NY to boycott North Carolina over human rights. Why not Israel? It’s enough to give hypocrisy a bad name

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