Moving Past Protest, Mayday 2017

There an international call to use Mayday 2017 to actually disrupt the program of the ruling looters and dictators.  In New Haven the event is called “General Strike…Solidarity and Resistance“.  It starts at noon on the New Haven Green with entertainment and speakers  and a march from the Green to Fair Haven around 5:00

Schedule May Day 2017

12:00             Opening Remarks “May Day and New Haven’s demand for immigrant rights”

12:10             Gammy (Drumming)

12:30             Donna Santala (Singer/Songwriter:

12:50             Jeff Spalter (Songs & poetry:

1:00               Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale (

1:20               Open Mic

1:30               Nico ( )

1:50               Lewis Scott (Poet)

2:00               Ballet Haven (Dance)

2:20               Bread is Rising (Poetry Collective )

2:30               Quinn Harley (Singer/songwriter:

2:50               Baub (Poetry:

3:00               May Pole Dance led by Out On a Whim led by Bill Fischer (

3:20               Baub (Poetry:

3:30               N-Finity Muzik (Hip Hop:

3:50           Dylan Connor (Singer/Songwriter, Syrian peace activist:

4:15               Pre-march build-up

5:00             March down New Haven Streets

Also: Fun activities throughout the day

New Haven Radical Cheerleaders

Snappy the Peas/ce Pod

Face Painting


Graffiti Wall participatory art project

Information Tables

Flint Ladder Circus Arts

Click for the Facebook page

Click for the map of the march,

places that will be picketed on the way to Fair Haven

And a report from a General Strike in Brazil from Friday 4/28

Brasil is on strike today. really: pretty much the entire country has entered into a general strike. here in rio de janeiro, bus service is down, public schools are closed (along with a lot of private schools), and folks have been blocking highways, light rail tracks, ferry terminals, and the downtown airport since early this morning. the same sorts of things are going on in são paulo and recife and belo horizonte and salvador and belém and all over the country.

the un-elected, illegitimate president and his congressional cronies have been doing their best to force all sorts of outdated, inhumane reforms on the country. most recently, they’ve started a full-scale attack on working people: raising the retirement age beyond the average life expectancy; extending the legal working day to 12 hours; ripping collective bargaining to shreds. they’ve been pushing education reforms that will cut all sorts of basic instruction in elementary and high schools, decimating public universities all over the country. they’ve been carving up what little land is still reserved for indigenous people and preparing to give it away to agribusiness, mining, and damming interests. they’ve been doing their best to hack away at civil liberties and freedom of expression and all sorts of other basic rights that most people here have come to take for granted.

here in rio, and all across the country, local government has been failing us for a long time, too. the rio de janeiro state police, which have been the most violent state-sanctioned armed forces *in the world* for the past several years, have kicked their indiscriminate killing spree in the favelas into overdrive. in just the past few days, 4 unarmed young people of color were killed by cop bullets in the alemão complex. many others have been killed in the same time period manguinhos, maré, and in other favelas across the city. homelessness is on the rise. our public water service was privatized last month. uerj, the state university, is literally beginning to fall apart. hospitals and clinics are understaffed or flat-out closed all over the city and the state.
(did many of us see this coming in the lead-up to the 2014 world cup and the 2016 olympics? yes, we definitely did, but the local and international media in general were too focused on the party planning to run more than an occasional human interest story).

people across the country are on strike for all of these reasons. there are big protests planned throughout the day, all over brasil, and they’re are pretty much guaranteed to attract a lot of gratuitous violence from the cops. some major political parties will be trying to use the whole thing as a pre-election rallying cry, but they’re all pretty complicit; the problems go a lot deeper than that, and any solutions will have to come the streets, because they sure as hell haven’t been trickling down from above.
a luta continua!


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