GPA 2017 Video and Photos

Click for Front Page New Haven Register article   and from Ha’aretz in Israel




Omar Barghouti before ceremony

Ralph Nader before ceremony

Omar Barghouti receiving certificate from George Gantz PEP Board member

Omar Barghouti speech

Ralph Nader receiving certificate from George Gantz PEP Board member

(James Clement vanPelt background, Charles Pillsbury left)

Promoting Enduring Peace President Paul Hodel

Muhamad Nabeel Almas and Iza Raja who had gone on Tree of Life Tour

and a wildly inaccurate report from an Israeli site Arutz Sheva 7

and a Ha’aretz report on Barghouti’s 4/24 talk at Barnard College

 Barghouti 4/25 on Democracy Now! (using some of our video above)

Scott Harris on his 4/25 radio show

an op-ed from the Israel-Can-Do-No-Wrong Crowd  and a letter

Answering the Claim that PEP Pretended Yale Gave the Award

letter supporting BDS in New Haven Register

letter in New Haven Register from a leader of Jewish Voice for Peace

On April 25 Barghouti Speaks Before Hundreds at Verso Books

PEP Gave Out These Tri-Fold Brochures to the Audience

Speak Out For Syria

What is BDS?

Methane is 100 Times Worse Than CO2 –  Climate Work in the age of Trump