Demonstrations Not Enough

U.S. Pulls Out of World Climate Deal

By withdrawing from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement Donald Trump now declares formally what he’s been doing ever since he took office,  He will end or sabotage the modest (inadequate) climate actions of Obama and let fossil fuel companies run wild.  He will rely on magical thinking on climate and energy in opposition to the overwhelming views of scientists about a dire threat to human life.

Bill McKibben, (Gandhi Peace Award winner 2013) said it well in the New York Times today (6/2) “It’s a stupid and reckless decision — our nation’s dumbest act since launching the war in Iraq. But it’s not stupid and reckless in the normal way. Instead, it amounts to a thorough repudiation of two of the civilizing forces on our planet: diplomacy and science. It undercuts our civilization’s chances of surviving global warming …”

So companies will be free to throw their garbage (carbon dioxide,  methane and other greenhouse gases) into the air without limit and the planet will cook.  Stanley Heller talks about the peril and new even more reckless energy plans in a recent peacenews column “Road Trip to Venus

Make no mistake.  The “market” won’t just take care of the problem.  Yes, solar and wind energy prices are coming way down, but as long as there are huge fossil fuel subsidies and as long as the billions of tons of greenhouse gases can be vented freely into the air, oil and methane (natural gas) have a huge advantage.

The massive demonstrations (400,000) in NYC in 2015 and (200,000) in Washington this year have not been enough to challenge the creatures of greed.  We have to come up with something new and more powerful.

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