CT Talks by Medea Benjamin on the Saudi-U.S. Connection

Medea Benjamin Leads Phone Messages to Sen. Blumenthal 

At the New Haven and Hartford meetings in the last days of August  Medea Benjamin led the assemblies in calling in a phone message to Senator Richard Blumenthal, “No U.S. Weapons for Saudi Arabia”.  There were over 50 in New Haven attending and over 35 in Hartford.  At the close of her talks a cell phone was put on speaker and when the beep sounded to leave a message the audiences thundered with the demand to stop assisting in Saudi war crimes.

In Hartford we made a video message with this 9 second view of the chant and banners.

Congress could cancel the new Obama $1 billion arms deal to the Saudi but it has to act before Sept. 9.  Click here for phone numbers of members of Congress.

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Medea Benjamin is the co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange.  She’s traveled to many countries including Yemen in Pakistan which she talked about in her book on drone warfare.  She was a key organizer of the the Saudi Summit in late winter of this year.  She and CODEPINK are important leaders in the Coalition to End the U.S.-Saudi alliance.

She was given the Gandhi Peace Award in 2013.

these photos are from an 8/23/16 demonstration in front of the Saudi embassy in DC led by CODEPINK

saudis bombing yemen

aug 23 at Saudi embassy code pink