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posted 10/10/2017 in The Atlantic – Click here for seven minute video of 20,000 in pro-Nazi rally in 1939.  No it wasn’t in Berlin.  It was in New York City.  Deeply unsettling.  Note the huge painting behind the speaker.  No, it isn’t Hitler.

One of the subjects that came up at our event “Video Against Fascism” was Antifa, people who mask themselves and literally try to stop or break up rallies and marches by Nazis and Klan and Alt-Right

Here are some article about the Antifa.  Take some time to read them.  The bottom section is supposedly from an anonymous antifa.  It was posted second-hand on Facebook.  We post it in full not because we agree with it but because we can’t link to it.

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and an Anonymous Antifa sympathizer on Facebook

“I’m glad to say the latest so-called “Battle of Berkeley” was a rout, due to overwhelming mass mobilization. We chased the Nazis out of the Bay. I’m grateful. I’m sorry it had to take another case of Nazis straight up murdering someone in Charlottesville for the public to get involved, but I’m still grateful.

You are going to see a lot of bullshit in the news media and coming out of your friends’ mouths about “Antifa aggression” and stuff like that. The narrative is already starting due to the handful of times in the day yesterday when, as my friend put it, the community’s immune system kicked in and Nazis got dragged out of the crowd and kicked to the curb.
So a few things I want to say about it.

1. Antifa means “anti-fascist”. EVERY ONE of the 8,000 people who showed up yesterday was engaged in anti-fascist action. If you showed up or were doing ground support or were in any way contributing, congratulations. You are the Antifa.

2. Within that there was, as there usually is, a group of activists engaged in black bloc tactics: masked for protection, so that they can more directly engage in confronting the fascist threat with more safety from police oppression, doxxing and harassment from the fascists. That’s who the media and the fascists are usually whinging about when they talk about “Antifa aggression”. We had an especially strong and large black bloc contingent yesterday and that is in part why the day was successful.

3. When you are present to witness this stuff, instead of consuming what you’re told about them, you will see that the folks who do this black bloc engagement are extremely principled and quite precise about their targeted use of violence. They are there – at great personal risk – out of a spirit of community service. They do not attack people at random. They do specific things like move or break barricades to allow the mass demonstration to move. They seek out, expose, and confront fascists and fascist media operatives within the crowd. Those people get chased out or in some cases physically attacked. I personally know people, good friends I would trust with my life, who are usually in those black bloc groups. They VERIFY that someone is actually a fascist before they go in for a beat-down. They check each other. They discuss. This is not random violence. They are the security forces that make large mass demonstrations safe and effective for the rest of us.

4. Those fascist dirtbags taking the beatings or being chased out in terror? They are violent, hateful people. Here’s what they do when they aren’t confronted and stopped in this way: they rove around in groups in our cities, shoot and smash up queer, Jewish and PoC businesses, they attack people and beat them, they shoot guns at and drive cars into protestors and murder them, and they run live streams and radio shows inciting and encouraging hundreds of other fascists to do all these things, and praising those who do. These aren’t just idiots “practicing free speech”. They are active agents of a violent terrorist movement that KILLS people. They were there yesterday *to do those things*. Knocking those people around a little and breaking their propaganda tools is a service to the community.

5. If you’re still confused or think there is a moral equivalency, look at the body count. Nazis, fascists, and related violent white supremacists have murdered or attempted to murder multiple people, usually peaceful resistors, just in the last few months. Charlottesville. Portland. Seattle. Go look it up. There IS NO Antifa body count, because we don’t murder people.
Basically, all of y’all who love to talk about “punch a Nazi” and share memes about it cause Captain America says yes, punch a Nazi? The black bloc is doing it for you so you get to have clean hands and a peaceful march and less chance of getting murdered by a Nazi bullet or car attack. You should be thanking them.
Please educate your friends, folks.”