Answering the Claim that PEP Pretended Yale Gave the Award

(Stanley Heller added this to the comment stream about the Barghouti/Nader award.  There were erroneous claims that PEP pretended that Yale University was giving the award.)

If you look at the 3 press releases on our page about Barghouti and the Gandhi Peace Award, you will NOT find any claim by us that Yale University is presenting the Gandhi Peace Award to Barghouti and Nader.  There was no need for us to do so. The award is prestigious enough on its own. It was first presented to Eleanor Roosevelt in 1960. It has been given to Dorothy Day, Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath , Dr. Benjamin Spock, Daniel Ellsberg, Cesar Chavez, U Thant, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Rabbi Ehud Bandel, Medea Benjamin, Bill McKibben, Tom Goldtooth and scores of other worthies. Several laureates were leaders of organizations that won the Nobel Peace Prize and Dorothy Day was raised to sainthood by the Catholic Church last year.

We were happy to partner with Students for Justice in Palestine (Yale) and they arranged to get a fine auditorium for us to hold the event. In our publicity we did mention that the event was being held in Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, and noted it was a Yale building. How does that imply that “Yale” was giving the award?

Final point. I wish the article had space to mention that Barghouti was introduced by the wonderful Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace. At its last membership meeting in Chicago over a thousand in attendance gave an ovation in support of Barghouti and his work. JVP quite a significant organization with 200,000 online supporters and more Facebook “likes” than the lobby AIPAC, a testament to its influence among young people. More and more the situation in Palestine/Israel is being judged through the lens of justice and not that of tribal affiliations.

Stanley Heller, Administrator, Promoting Enduring Peace