Senator Murphy Letter Opposing BDS Should Spur Action

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Senator Chris Murphy (CT) responded unfavorably to a letter signed by over 300 CT residents asking him to oppose Senate Bill 170, an anti-Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) bill pending in the U.S. Senate. The legislation, initiated by the Israeli lobby, supports state and local initiatives that infringe upon citizens’ First Amendment right to criticize Israeli
colonial/apartheid policies that have displaced, dispossessed and discriminated against the Palestinian people. The Senator’s response ignores the suffering caused by Israel and explicitly supports the use of state power to stop criticism. The Senator’s letter pledges uncritical support for the Israeli government including continuance of 3.8 billion dollars per year to Israel regardless of its human rights record.  He says that Israel is a bastion of democracy and a place “where refugees can begin new lives free from persecution.” Such claims ignore history including Israel’s refusal to allow re-entry to Palestinians expelled from their homes. His letter implies legitimate criticism of Israeli is anti-Semitism. an argument that should be rejected.

Here’s Chris Murphy’s letter to Attorney John Fussell, page 1 and page 2

Rather than give up, those inspired by Omar Barghouti’s great speech in New Haven are again calling for more signers to the original letter to Murphy and to consider other actions to support persecuted Palestinians.

Here’s the original letter to Sen. Murphy  

To add your name to it send an email to John Fussell with the subject:  Approve letter to Sen. Murphy on BDS

BTW, Murphy also signed a letter on April 27 to the U.N. Secretary-General denouncing U.N. criticism of Israel and in particular comdemning the report by its United Nations Social and Economic Commission for Western Asia which found measures of BDS justified