Thurs., November 17

Christian Parenti

The Mark Shafer Lecture

“Hot Violent and Unequal”

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Senate Refuses to Knock Down Saudi Arms Sale

make a stand

Video of New Haven Solidarity Action 9/7  


Chris Williams Talk about Greenpeace Trip to Arctic      

saudis bombing yemen

Scores Tell Blumenthal “No U.S. Weapons for Saudi Arabia”

Here’s How to Phone Congress and Leave a Message….It’s Easy

Things to Do and Demand about Syria

 PEP Administrator Forum Article in the New Haven Register – 

End the sieges, protect the Syrian people

nader and barghouti

Gandhi Peace Award Winners Announced

Barghouti Travel Ban Temporarily Suspended –

Join PEP’s Freedom to Travel Committee

5,000 to 10,000 Marched

philly july 24b

New York Governor Attacks Free Speech

Demands State Treat BDS Supporters as Pariahs (NY Times Report)


Cuomo Will be Defied by Supporters of Justice


Revive the Peace Movement Network

Promoting Enduring Peace and RPM

 Peace on Earth

Peace with Earth 

Help Us Fund our Campaign to End the War Against the Yemeni People

Sign Petition “Sen. Murphy is Right: No More U.S. Weapons to Saudi Arabia”



“His Name Honors the Award” – Rev. Daniel Berrigan

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gandhi1 - Copy gandhi peace award ceremoney 2015

Video of Gandhi Peace Award 2015

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Newest Climate Warnings from McKibben and Hansen…summarized simply