Since its founding PEP presented significant conferences related to world peace, distributed over 10 million free peace education articles to educators in 52 nations, conducted citizen diplomacy around the globe, and honored peace heroes via the Gandhi Peace Award.        

Annual Lecture


Why the World Needs Cuba Promoting Enduring Peace annual Mark Shafer Lecture Gail Walker, IFCO, Pastors for Peace Monday, November 3, 2014 Ms. Walker, daughter of Rev. Lucius Walker, (1993 Gandhi Peace Award recipient)  Director of Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization has staffed more than 15 caravans of humanitarian aid to Cuba and Central America […]

Gandhi Peace Award


The Gandhi Peace Award nominees are distinguished by having made, over a period of years, a significant contribution to the promotion of an enduring international peace founded on justice, self-determination, diversity, compassion, and harmony, achieved through cooperative and non-violent means—in the spirit of Gandhi. The Gandhi Peace Award is marked by a significant medallion and […]

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Join in this crucial work by becoming a member of PEP and by donating to build an enduring, sustainable peace. Past donations from peace-minded people like you cover PEP’s administrative expenses, so every penny you donate goes straight to PEP’s programming for peace. Every donation counts and has a direct effect on our ability to […]

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Promoting Enduring Peace is striving to become a major portal to peace, social justice and environmental movements around the world to further help join those working towards a better world.  

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Social networking is an important part of getting our word out there. If the things you read on our Facebook to Twitter encourage you to act — to donate, post, call, write or change your beliefs — then social media is working.

Environmental Justice


CT Environmental Headlines is more than a blog, or website, or daily e-mail. It is a community of individuals and organizations who share an interest in and a commitment to the conservation and preservation of Connecticut’s environment. Founded in December of 2007, CT Environmental Headlines — the No.1 environmental news blog in Connecticut — has […]

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PEP will keep you connected to what we feel is important.  Everything we post on this page will require some sort of action.  Please check back often because we will update this page regularly. New Era For US-Cuba Relations – Film & Community Forum Saturday, January 10, 2015 2 pm New Haven Main Library, 133 […]

PEP Principles

Human rights

Declaration of Promoting an Enduring Peace Concerning the Present Situation in Gaza Rev. 22-Nov-12 Promoting an Enduring Peace, a United States peace education organization and United Nations NGO founded in 1952, has received news of the latest air attacks by Israel on the people of Gaza, and Israel’s threatened invasion of Gaza, causing the death […]

Invitation to Become a Founding Member of PeaceNews Editorial Council (Volunteer Position)

Promoting Enduring Peace is seeking founding members of the PeaceNews Editorial Council. PeaceNews ( provides a daily feed and a weekly summary of news, commentary, and analysis related to the movements striving to achieve a sustainable world peace. PeaceNews has a special interest in reporting on the interdependence of world peace and environmental harmony, reflected in the organization’s motto: “Peace on Earth — Peace with Earth.”

In the 20th Century PEP mailed over 10 million pieces of peace education material to recipients in many nations. In the 21st Century PEP is substituting an email-based service called PeaceNews, located at Over the past year a beta version of that service has been developed. For logistical reasons the perspective at present is North American, though the coverage is worldwide.

PEP plans to form the PeaceNews Editorial Council prior to rolling out the production version of PeaceNews nationally. Peace educators affiliated with higher education, as well as students enrolled in peace education courses, are especially invited to apply, but others with a strong commitment to contributing to an enduring peace area also welcome to apply for this volunteer position. The participation of a peace education class, as a class project, would also be welcome.

Editorial Council members are expected to…

• contribute articles, speeches, and multimedia items they believe will be helpful to peace educators, their students, and all who participate in movements for a sustainable peace.

• favor items that demonstrate the connection between world peace and environmental harmony, and the value of nonviolent strategies and tactics for achieving those goals.

• avoid items that do not reflect the facts of an issue, or reflect an extreme ideological viewpoint.

• advise the Editor of PeaceNews concerning which submissions should be selected for inclusion in daily or weekly editions of PeaceNews.

• provide guidance and evaluation concerning the appearance, content, and mission of PeaceNews, either via individual communications with the Editor or via an optional monthly teleconference.

• represent and promote PeaceNews in their local areas and to their affinity groups. (No fundraising is expected.)

Each Editorial Council member will be asked to cover a number of the publications PeaceNews regularly surveys, and is also invited to submit items from other sources, especially those in their local area such as speeches and conferences. Each member will submit up to 20 items per month, or 5 per week, or 1 per day, according to the member’s convenience, from which the Editor will select the items to be published. A member can be physically located anywhere in North America.

The initial term for an Editorial Council member will be three months. If mutually agreeable, PEP will invite the member to continue to serve for renewable terms of one year. Please contact for more information and to express your interest.

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Contacts: • 202-5-PEP (573-7322)

Invitation to Join the Promoting Enduring Peace Board of Directors (Volunteer Position)

Promoting Enduring Peace ( is seeking an environmental movement representative, a youth/student representative, and a peace education representative to join its Board of Directors.

Since its founding in 1952, Promoting Enduring Peace (PEP) has been a nationally focused tax-exempt peace education organization and United Nations NGO based in New Haven, Connecticut. Its mission is to conduct peace education promoting the advent of a harmonious planetary commonwealth through the convergence of the worldwide movements for disarmament, social justice, and environmental stewardship as the foundation of sustainable peace.

PEPeace programming has primarily been focused in three areas: citizen diplomacy (guided travel to spots relevant to struggles for peace); the presentation of the Gandhi Peace Award; and peace education activities such as public events, invitational symposiums, and mass mailings of peace literature. (Peace literature is now distributed via PEPeace’s daily news service,

PEP was founded specifically to resist the tide drawing civilization into World War III and in its first half-century accomplished great things to that end; for example, PEP sent over 10 million pieces of peace education material to recipients in many nations and led conferences and peace travel that garnered international coverage. PEP also participates actively in peace movement activities in the Northeastern U.S. and elsewhere.

In the 21st Century PEP reoriented its mission to focus on the interdependence of world peace and environmental harmony and the threats generated by an unsustainable global civilization, reflected in the organization’s motto: “Peace on Earth — Peace with Earth.” That motto is meant to express the need for the peace and environmental movements to come together, based on the idea that war and its preparations and aftermath are the primary source of environmental devastation, and environmental misuse and resulting resource competition are a major underlying cause of war.

The present mission looks toward the reconfiguring civilization to ensure its long-term sustainability, making this a unique historical period—perhaps the culmination of civilization as we have known it, for good or ill.

PEP has a remarkable and distinguished history, a basic endowment, part-time staff, an active social networking presence, and a refreshed vision of what promoting an enduring peace requires. Its Board seeks to build relationships with others who support PEP’s mission and who are determined to work toward the decisive changes a sustainable civilization will require. To help lead that outreach, PEPeace seeks three new members of its Board of Directors, representing the perspectives of the environmental movement, youth, and the profession of peace education. (One individual could represent more than one.) Their challenge will be to help PEPeace build cooperative alliances that advance PEPeace’s mission by changing the ways people think about what is threatened, what is needed and what is possible to redesign the systems of civilization for compassionate sustainability.

The Board positions we seek to fill need not involve neither fundraising nor putting-up-posters-stuffing-envelopes sorts of activities. Rather we seek people who can imaginatively guide PEP from their particular perspectives as together we seek practical, effective ways to implement its world-changing mission in the coming years. The Board meets once per month and stays in touch between meetings via an active email group. A Board member can reside anywhere in the U.S., participating in person or via teleconference and videoconference. The initial term for a Board member is one year, renewable for additional terms of three years.

Please contact for more information and to express your interest.

Links: ,,

Contacts: • 202-5-PEPEACE (573-7322)